Inside Marketing Boosts Sales Performance With Vonage

Vonage, a global business cloud communications leader announced that Inside Marketing, who partners with technology companies to accelerate inside sales, has experienced rapid growth and major gains in performance and productivity by implementing Vonage’s NewVoiceMedia (NVM) contact centre solution.

Inside Marketing is a fast-growing organisation focused on lead generation and relationship building for technology companies such as Google, HP and Oracle. Headquartered in London, the company creates success for its B2B customer base by calling prospective clients for data, appointment setting, event support, sales recruitment and contact syndication. With a global network of over one million contacts, Inside Marketing delivers intelligent client relationship building systems which use data to improve targeting, customer experience and sales success.

Inside Marketing deployed Vonage’s NVM solution to improve outbound calling efficiency for its team of 80 agents. The inside sales solution is designed to scale as rapidly as the business and deliver sales excellence in line with the company’s objectives. Functionality such as automated outbound dialling, flexible caller line identification and instantaneous CRM updates are provided with 99.999% platform availability.

The NVM solution integrates with Salesforce, which was critical to Inside Marketing. This combination provided the insight needed to drive growth. Reports are now available in real-time, covering the number of calls made, how many connected, how many lead to meetings and when the best time is to make contact. This improved reporting offered through the NVM solution provides significant benefits to Inside Marketing by enabling the company to provide better insights to clients.

Within a year of implementing Vonage’s NVM solution, Inside Marketing has seen major performance improvements including:

● Rapid growth and an uplift in call engagement of 11 percent.

● The solution’s integration with Salesforce has also raised productivity by 10 percent in just two months. Agents can now easily ‘click-to-call’, meaning time to dial is 100 percent faster, and data fields previously written manually are now automated, saving more time in wrapping calls.

“The sophistication of Vonage’s NVM platform really stood out compared to others we considered”, says Jonathan Hewerdine, Director of Operations at Inside Marketing. “Only a few months on and the system has proven to be a massive improvement on the legacy platform. The implementation was swift and well planned, with the team working closely with us from proof of concept through to UK and then European roll-out. I can’t praise them highly enough”.

Hewerdine continues, “Overall, Vonage’s solution has given us more intelligent and insightful data to better plan activity for clients, allowing agent time to be used more efficiently. The quality of our Business Development Team is also improving as we can train more effectively using instantly-available call recordings which capture all elements of the call – from whispers and notes, to who was listening, and more. Our agents appreciate the ability to listen to their own calls immediately and this increases their engagement”.

Ken McMahon, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, at Vonage, comments, “It’s great to see that Inside Marketing has experienced such incredible success with our NewVoiceMedia solution. Not only has Inside Marketing experienced new business growth, it’s also boosted connection rates with new clients, improved its performance and enhanced the customer service experience. And of course, as a cloud solution, our technology will continue to support the company throughout its rapid future growth”.

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