LogMeIn Introduces Bold360 Helpdesk to Modernize Employee Support and Reclaim Company Productivity

LogMeIn announced the launch of Bold360 Helpdesk which is designed to modernize employee support for greater efficiency and fewer roadblocks. From standard FAQs to complex conversations and ticketing integrations, Bold360 Helpdesk enlists AI-powered chatbots to deliver the answers employees need so they can get back to work faster. With seamless transitions to human support reps, employees get what they need the first time – every time.

Searching through internal systems to find the right phone number to call or ticket to submit consumes human talent that could be put to better use. Meanwhile, internal IT & HR support teams spend a considerable amount of time managing mundane tasks and answering repetitive questions, which ties up limited resources. Bold360 Helpdesk allows both employees and internal support teams to reclaim productive work hours so that they can focus on more strategic initiatives and higher-value work that help move the business forward.

“Finding your company’s guest Wi-Fi password shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack, but the average employee spends nearly a third of their day searching for information via cumbersome, and often outdated, internal systems,” said Ryan Lester, Senior Director, Customer Engagement Technologies, LogMeIn. “Employees don’t want to work with these difficult systems that lead to old or missing content, more frustration and waning productivity. It can feel like a never-ending cycle; but with Bold360 Helpdesk, we’re breaking that cycle to enable employees to work in a way that’s convenient for them and makes it easier to find what they need, so they can spend more time focusing on their core work.”

“On any given day our HR department receives a high volume of employee inquiries, and during peak times like open enrollment, the number can skyrocket. We were in need of a solution that would allow HR to more efficiently manage service levels without compromising the employee experience,” said Sonya Bird, Head of HR Operations at Mercury Systems. “We partnered with Bold360 to build a tailored solution that would better serve our employees and provide HR with additional support so the team could put the time and resources to solve more complex questions and business challenges. We’re looking forward to putting Helpdesk into action and seeing the value that it brings to our employees and support staff to improve how they work every day.”

With intelligent self-service capabilities, Bold360 Helpdesk gives employees immediate answers to their questions, thereby reducing the number of routine inquiries and questions that are diverted to IT and HR. For more complex situations, Helpdesk seamlessly transitions to a support employee who is armed with an AI assistant and powerful remote support tools. Additionally, real-time analytics identify addressable knowledge and workflow gaps to drive continuous optimization and improvements to the employee experience.

Businesses can foster greater employee satisfaction, which ultimately contributes to higher workplace productivity. All of this is accomplished through the following capabilities in Bold360 Helpdesk:

  • Conversational chatbots for modern, AI-powered self-service
  • Intelligent search driven by Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Simple deployment over multiple engagement channels such as a web widget, Chrome browser extension, Microsoft Teams and customer support centres
  • Seamless transition to escalation channels like live chat, email and ticketing
  • IT starter kit including a focused intent library, optimized NLP and deployment guide

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