Subaru Selects MaritzCX Customer Experience Platform to Accelerate Its Programme Delivery and ROI

Following a competitive internal review and third-party evaluation, the MaritzCX Platform defeated four challenger solutions to become Subaru Canada’s experience management solution. It replaces the customer experience (CX) programme Subaru Canada had used for more than a decade.

The experience management platform met all the criteria on Subaru Canada’s “shopping list”: category expertise in automotive, mobile friendly, real-time data and text analytics, vendor programme support, dealer on-boarding, and credibility.

Evaluations also awarded the MaritzCX Platform the highest scores in delivering:

  • Information to front-line staff and the tools to problem solve in real-time
  • Confidence that customers see the complete survey regardless of their device
  • App-based tracking for management
  • Analysis of the thousands of comments and providing actionable information
  • Access to current industry trends
  • Professional look and feel of reports and surveys

The Platform will be implemented across the Subaru brand including dealerships, field agents, and Subaru Canada corporate.

“We chose MaritzCX to help transition our customer experience programme from a measurement tool to an action-oriented programme that helps our dealers, field support, and corporate teams work together on matching our great products with an exceptional experience that will set us apart,” said Joe Felstein, director of Subaru Academy and Customer Experience at Subaru Canada. “MaritzCX has helped us on the product and marketing side to focus our efforts, and now we will apply their expertise as the industry leaders in customer experience. Owning a Subaru is really much more than purchasing a new vehicle. Our goal is to continue to raise the bar on delivering the best customer experience and exceeding our customers’ expectations.”

Subaru Canada is aiming to increase customer engagement and loyalty to help drive continual improvement of a uniform sale and service experience at all touchpoints across their journey. Additionally, the experience management platform will reduce receipt time of ‘issue alerts’ to help resolve issues with customers faster.

For employees, the Platform will improve understanding of the customer through simple and easy-to-understand data, enable individual career path development, and help recognise and reward performance.

About MaritzCX

MaritzCX is the leader in experience management for big business, and includes customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX), and patient experience (PX). The company combines experience management software, data and research science, and deep vertical market expertise to accelerate client success. Experience programmes that are most impactful drive the right kind of actions throughout an organisation and support a strong business case. MaritzCX partners with large companies that insist on effective and high-ROI experience results. Customers include global brands from the Automotive, Financial Services, Consumer Technology, Patient and Healthcare, Telecom, Retail, B2B, Energy and Utilities industries.