Five9 Announces Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Cloud Marketplace

Five9 announced it has launched the Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering enterprise contact centres to engage customers with intelligent, compelling interactions. This integration enables Einstein Bot to engage with the customer, determine the intent of their need, provide quick answers or, if necessary, intelligently escalate to a chat or a phone call back from an agent.

In the case of escalation, the full context of the Einstein Bot interaction is leveraged for routing to the best agent and passed to the agent for an easy handover.

Built on the Salesforce Platform, the Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot is currently available on AppExchange at

Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot

The Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot is the latest move for Five9 in ushering in the era of the Intelligent Cloud Contact Center. The Five9 integration enables enterprise contact centres to deliver excellent customer experience as a differentiator.

“Five9 believes that this is part of the continuing journey to providing better customer experience,” said Anand Chandrasekaran, Five9 Executive Vice President of Product Management. “We believe that AI will transform the future of the contact centre empowering agents to be CX superheroes that provide efficient and extraordinary experiences to their customers.”

“We love seeing our partners build solutions like the Five9 Einstein Engagement Bot on AppExchange, as we realize our ecosystem is a big part of what brings the Salesforce vision to life” said Taksina Eammano, VP of Product Management, AI and Automation at Salesforce. “Giving customers the ability to tap into automated solutions such as this empowers them to provide quicker resolution times, better customer experience, and create brand loyalists.”

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About Five9

Five9 is a leading provider of cloud contact centre software for the intelligent contact centre space, bringing the power of cloud innovation to customers and facilitating more than five billion call minutes annually. Five9 provides end-to-end solutions with omnichannel routing, analytics, WFO and AI to increase agent productivity and deliver tangible business results. The Five9 Genius platform is reliable, secure, compliant and scalable; designed to create exceptional personalized customer experiences.

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