New services from SAS help brands rapidly adapt to marketing disruption

Marketing leaders need help reacting nimbly to changing consumer behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, and SAS is uniquely positioned to help, with the ability to transform data into practically applied decisions in minutes or seconds with AI and real-time decisions.

To further help marketers as they reimagine customer experience (CX), SAS announced the delivery of four new service offerings, and updates to SAS® Customer Intelligence 360, to help brands accelerate the value delivered through analytics with a hybrid marketing approach.

“Being a full-service digital-only bank, we have to create and provide personalized customer experiences on our digital properties at a very rapid rate,” said Linus Axelsson, CRM Manager at ICA Banken. “SAS Customer Intelligence 360 has assisted us to increase web conversion rates by six to eight times, increase marketing campaign design and approval speeds by 10 times and streamline our marketing operations – even in this challenging global business environment. As a result, millions of dollars in cost savings have been realized. With SAS, we are truly reimagining our marketing efforts.”

SAS 360 Digital Insight Service

The digital insight service offering enables digital data to be collected from online channels to inform business decision making. SAS experts provide digital analytics domain expertise and reports to help marketers understand how customers are interacting with their brands’ digital properties. Real-time changes can be made to improve digital presence and marketing interactions to increase metrics like conversion, retention, loyalty and growth. Services include:

  • Data collection, connectivity and segmentation against a batch-created data profile.
  • Data cleansing and preparation (digital data).
  • A set of standard static reports and analytical segments.
  • Experienced digital analytics domain expertise.

SAS 360 Customer Insight Service

The customer insight service offering helps organisations take advantage of the scale and diversity of customer data. SAS experts will lead workshops to identify relevant business use cases that benefit from customer analytics and predictive modelling. The rich, new sources of insight from this service will allow marketers to engage with customers in new ways and accelerate CX initiatives. Services include:

  • Digital and on-premises data matching and preparation for analytical modeling.
  • Model development for prioritised, defined use cases.
  • Documented model assessments and reusable model pipelines for current implementaion and future modeling efforts.

SAS 360 Attribution Service

The attribution service offering helps organizations develop an analytical attribution program. SAS experts will lead workshops to identify digital traffic sources, non-digital marketing touchpoints, conversion goals and customer data hierarchies. The result will be an established and reusable multichannel attribution environment with reports, insights interpretation, recommendations for sharing across the organisation.

SAS 360 Data Activation Service

The data activation service offering takes an organisation from digital data collection and connectivity all the way to third-party activation. Digital data is collected, joined with offline data, cleaned, prepared, and used for creating machine learning embedded workflow journeys with event recognition and delivered insights discovery. Real-time segments are created for activation by third party systems – such as email providers, campaign management solutions, or web personalization and content delivery. Services include:

  • Data collection, connectivity, and segmentation against a streaming data profile.
  • Enhanced digital ID resolution with data quality and master ID graph included.
  • A set of dynamic dashboard reports.

“In 2020 the world has shifted in ways that won’t be clear for months or even years, and with it so have customer expectations,” said Alan Webber Program Vice President for Customer Experience Strategy at IDC. “The new normal requires organisations to deliver even more targeted customer experiences, enhanced multi-channel journeys, and overall heightened satisfaction. New technologies and service offerings will help brands deploy new approaches to data gathering, decisioning, and delivery to create personalised, contextualized, dynamic end-to-end experiences for individual customers. These experiences will be more human in nature and can help brands create deep emotional connections with their customers, which in turn drives loyalty and business growth.”

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 updated to help marketers adapt

In addition to the new service offerings, SAS has updated its industry-recognised marketing suite, SAS Customer Intelligence 360. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 delivers a unified set of capabilities that adapt to a new reality to maintain a level of trust and engagement with customers:

  • Marketing data management. Improved, open data model can seamlessly access, enhance and extend customer where it resides – beyond a traditional customer data platform, and unlike typical “marketing clouds.”
  • Marketing planning. Agile marketing planning that automates and accelerates all customer experience planning activities through redesigned planning and financial management, creative production management, reporting and analytics, integrated calendars, and digital asset management capabilities.
  • Journey activation. More powerful predictive models, forecasting and goal-seeking routines for targeted campaigns and customer journeys that increase response rates and generate leads for profitability.
  • Embedded analytics. Upgraded out-of-the-box, integrated analytics guides, e.g., automatically derived segmentation, multivariate testing and applied optimisation driven by more advanced AI and machine learning techniques
  • Extended marketing impact. Faster decision making and real-time data analysis through AI and business logic to amplify brand experience through other functions, stakeholders, suppliers and partners.
  • With SAS’ hybrid marketing architecture, marketers can trade in “black box” customer marketing solutions for a cloud-based, flexible, intelligent marketing system that offers greater data management proficiency, analytical optimisation and AI-driven decision-making capabilities.

“Reimagining marketing doesn’t require ripping out your marketing technology stack and replacing it with a host of disparate, shiny new tools,” said Wilson Raj, Global Director of Customer Intelligence at SAS. “Rather, marketers should be able to integrate technologies and techniques that can make your existing systems more resilient, smarter and faster. SAS Customer Intelligence 360 provides real-time, customized interactions in a way that’s privacy-aware – now and into the future.”

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