Trailfinders Improve Customer Service During COVID-19 with Intelligent Call Routing

Trailfinders, an award winning travel company that specialises in delivering bespoke holidays led the way in providing a superior customer service by seamlessly handling over 13,000 calls from customers who were stranded overseas and due to imminently travel during the COVID-19 crisis.

No industry has been hit harder than the travel industry, with the world on lockdown forcing people to stay at home and countries with their borders closed. Millions have missed their holidays, with customers wanting refunds or to re-schedule, and many have been stranded overseas. Trailfinders were inundated with calls with volumes increased by 400% and customers facing long waiting times.

Matthew Raymond, IT Director, Trailfinders commented, “It was not possible to handle this volume of calls so we had to prioritise the calls into two areas. The highest priority was the customers who were stranded overseas and needed repatriation, the second priority was for customers who were due to travel in the next two weeks.”

Trailfinders use the Dynamic Call Routing solution from Britannic Technologies, a business communications and digital transformation provider, that matches the caller’s number to a database identifying the customer and routing it to the correct consultant or team they need to talk to. This process takes a couple of seconds and substantially reduces the transfer time. It also provides the customer’s details and history so they can deliver a personal service.

Raymond continues, “By the end of the height of the crisis we had successfully routed over 5,000 clients who needed repatriation and over 8,000 clients with imminent travel plans, this is despite us also pro-actively calling these clients. The benefit of the Dynamic Call Routing solution from Britannic is that it is extremely flexible and allowed us to configure it to our needs during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Britannic Technologies also assisted Trailfinders with the re-location of its 1,000 staff from their offices to working at home. The teleworking solution was robust and reliant and easy for the users to set up at home providing them with the same features and functionalities they have in the office. The smooth transition meant that customers were not aware of the move and carried on receiving an excellent customer service.

Toby Kelly, CEO, Trailfinders, “Britannic were incredible in supporting us when everyone had to work from home. It was a phenomenal success, we got the majority of staff set up to work from home in two days where business could carry on as normal, with everyone having the same access to the features they have in the office.”

About Britannic Technologies

Britannic Technologies are award-winning specialists in business communications, systems integration, digital transformation and managed services. Their technical expertise and consultative approach have helped hundreds of midsized UK businesses with their digital requirements.

Working with customers to understand their business goals, processes and culture, Britannic develop digital strategies, tailored to each client’s needs. As leaders in innovation, Britannic are proud to bring disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence, web real time communications and business process automation to customers.

Britannic partners with industry-leading vendors such as Mitel, Avaya, Bizvu, Red Box and ComputerTel. Trailfinders, North Herts District Council, Markerstudy Group and the Kennel Club are just a few of the customers that have transformed their business with Britannic.