Empirix Extends Voice Quality Testing and Monitoring Solution to Work-From-Home Environments With the Release of Hammer Ohm

Empirix® Inc., the leader in test automation and network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analytics announced the release of Hammer Ohm™, an automated voice quality and customer experience test and monitoring solution for work-from-home environments.

Information technology teams have jurisdiction and control over corporate networks and infrastructures. But as cloud technologies continue to gain popularity, IT’s footprint expands, enabling greater access to critical technologies from outside corporate walls and, therefore, the flexibility of working from anywhere. Although ISP networks have become an integral part of conducting business today, contact centers still lack the visibility they need to deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Hammer Ohm extends the testing and monitoring capabilities of the well-known Hammer portfolio to include work-from-home environments, empowering Contact Center Operations and Customer Experience teams to deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of workforce location. Decades of voice quality testing and monitoring expertise have been engineered into Hammer Ohm, giving operations teams the unique ability to test from both the agent and customer perspectives. This functionality provides an accurate representation of customer experience and is unique to Empirix.

“Work-from-home environments pose a tremendous challenge for Contact Center Operations and Customer Experience teams,” states Edoardo Rizzi, SVP of Product Management and Marketing at Empirix. “They are just as susceptible, if not more so, to quality issues as corporate networks. Poor connectivity, latency, voice quality issues, and even dropped calls cost companies billions in reduced productivity, lost sales, and customer churn each year. The financial impact of such issues cannot be ignored. Having visibility into these work-from-home environments makes it possible for teams to troubleshoot issues. A tool like Hammer Ohm has an immediate impact on the bottom line.”

One proprietary capability of Hammer Ohm is VoiceRNA scoring, which compares the voice quality of recorded calls against an optimal recording sample. This enables Contact Center Operations and Customer Experience teams to score the voice quality of calls. A low VoiceRNA score might indicate a technical issue that could impact customer experience. Other performance metrics measured by Hammer Ohm include average and max jitter, MOS score, upstream and downstream speed, and average and max latency.

Work-from-home environments will remain part of the customer journey indefinitely. Empowering teams to test and measure quality and customer experience across those environments will enable organizations to truly preserve and protect customer experience from all perspectives and end-to-end. This makes Hammer Ohm an ideal choice for Contact Center Operations and Customer Experience executives looking to protect their brand.

Hammer Ohm is available today. Contact Empirix to learn more. Empirix is a recognized leader in end-to-end test automation, and network and service performance monitoring, assurance and analytics. Many of the largest Communications Service Providers and Enterprises around the world depend on Empirix solutions every day to optimize business processes, reduce operational costs, maximize customer retention and grow top-line revenue.

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