Ascensos implements IRIS Clarity’s cutting-edge voice isolation software to eliminate background noise on customer calls

Ascensos, Europe’s leading customer management outsourcer representing world-class brands, has partnered with IRIS Audio Technologies, the team behind the AI-powered voice isolation app, IRIS Clarity.

With IRIS Clarity’s technology, Ascensos will eliminate distracting background noise on customer service calls to improve the overall customer experience, employee wellbeing, productivity, and performance.

After a successful proof of concept in July 2022 for Ascensos employees that work both onsite and at home, the company is deploying IRIS Clarity to an initial 1,500 call centre advisors in the UK, South Africa, and Romania, with plans to expand further. Advisors that took part in the proof of concept gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about the software and reported smoother call interactions, with less repetition from both customers and advisors.

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software that removes distracting background noise from VoIP and customer calls, integrating seamlessly with existing CCaaS and UCaaS platforms. Its bi-directional functionality benefits both the agent and the customer by eliminating noise on both sides of a call, improving focus, engagement, and wellbeing, and bringing control to often uncontrollable auditory environments.

John Devlin, Co-Founder & CEO of Ascensos, commented: “Background noise has always been a frustration for both advisors and customers on customer service calls, as they rarely take place in a controlled environment. Providing our colleagues with the right tools to be effective in their role has always been a critical consideration for us. Clear communication between a customer and an advisor means everything in our line of work, and what could be better than a solution with proven ability to achieve that. Our advisors want to do a great job in helping to deliver the right outcomes for customers quickly, and anything that makes that easier will have a positive impact on customer and employee satisfaction, as well as benefiting the long term mental health and wellbeing of our staff.”

Jacobi Anstruther, Founder & CEO of IRIS Audio Technologies, added: “IRIS is disrupting the industry by bringing a higher standard of audio quality as the new benchmark in customer communications. As a leading customer service outsourcing provider, Ascensos is spearheading this movement towards better customer engagement, advisor productivity, and employee wellbeing. With IRIS Clarity, Ascensos is leading the way as the first major call centre outsourcer to adopt the technology and significantly differentiate their offering.”

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About IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software solution that removes distracting background noise from your VoIP and customer calls. Real-time and bi-directional, IRIS Clarity allows participants on both sides of a call to immediately enjoy clearer sound, no matter where they are. IRIS Clarity improves focus, engagement, and wellbeing, bringing control to otherwise uncontrollable environments.


About Ascensos

Ascensos is an award-winning, independent, and privately owned customer contact, management and engagement business, supporting national and international retail and ecommerce brands and their customers, from the UK, Romania, Turkey and South Africa.

Through agile and adaptable solutions, Ascensos seeks to create better experiences for customers in support of our brand partners while offering meaningful and relevant roles to our colleagues, and supporting the communities in the locations where we operate.