CIENCE Announces Product Release of Conversation Software GO Chat

CIENCE®, the creators of the digital sales GO Platform that empowers sales and marketing teams to work together more effectively, announced the general availability and worldwide release of CIENCE GO Chat.

CIENCE GO Chat combines the best of AI and human intelligence, providing sales and marketing teams with a single, unified chat solution that can be used for both AI-powered chat and human-enabled chat. The CIENCE GO Platform is a combination of data products, sales enablement, and infrastructure tools that enable sales and marketing teams to grow revenues. This unique capability allows businesses to create a collaborative environment where sales and marketing teams can work together more effectively.

24/7/365 Conversations

This state-of-the-art software offers the ability to have the right conversation with the right answers, seamlessly blending fully automated chatbot and human-agent interactions with prospects. Sales and marketing teams can leverage GO Chat to manage their leads, track conversations, and close deals with prospects. As a SaaS application, it offers a user-friendly interface for easy interactions.

“The ability to immediately respond to any web visitor in an effective, authentic manner—whether bot or human—is the secret to effective top of the funnel,” said Eric Quanstrom, CMO of CIENCE. “CIENCE GO Chat enables modern businesses to connect with prospects in the moments that matter most.”

Recognizing the value of each and every opportunity to facilitate a conversation with a potential future customer, the CIENCE GO Chat software is a complete solution, including:

  • Easily configurable chatbot flows: lead routing options to agents and seamlessly handled bot + human transitions
  • Multimedia messaging capabilities: GIFs, videos, emojis
  • Targeted chat experiences by geography, page, time of day, or audience targeted
  • Multiple pre-built conversation flows
  • Over thirty plugins available

The Human Touch

The GO Chat offering today enables organizations to automate their customer conversations and add their teams to live chats happening in real-time. Additionally, CIENCE also offers the ability to staff, as a managed service, inbound sales development reps (SDRs) around the clock—24/7/365.

This human touch can dramatically improve sales and marketing effectiveness, as study after study indicates buyer preference for an immediate, human response when they engage with a business. CIENCE human agents are trained and capable of picking up bot-fronted chats throughout the day or night.

“Chat is right in between a synchronous medium like phone calls and an asynchronous medium like an email,” said Quanstrom. “So we’ve recognized the importance of this communications channel for businesses that want to be responsive and create a great first impression for their prospects. Our comprehensive software plus service approach gives our clients the best of all worlds.”


CIENCE offers a unique blend of data, software, managed services and process to scale fast-growth companies. CIENCE delivers consistent results for over 2,500 companies across more than 250 B2B industries.

CIENCE is a global organization with headquarters in Denver, CO (USA), and offices all over the world. Connect with us online at