Primo Dialler Acquires Topa Dial

Primo has agreed definitive terms to acquire Topa Dial. As a result, Topa Dial customers will move over to the Primo platform so that they can take advantage of their innovative, contact centre solutions backed by an award-winning team.

By acquiring Topa Dial, Primo can accelerate growth plans, investing more into their platform, infrastructure and team.

Existing Topa Dial customers will be phased over gradually, set up on the new platform and trained how to use it.

Primo’s Head of Sales Ibrar Manawer said: “This is a big milestone for Primo, allowing us to accelerate our growth plans and drive further investment into our technology. Our partners and users will benefit from more advanced solutions and increased innovation.”

“Primo are always looking at opportunities to improve our reach, grow the brand and improve the way contact centres operate. This will further strengthen our market share in the UK.” he continued.

Future Plans

Primo continues its impressive growth within the global call centre industry, recently adding a new head of sales and financial director to the group.

They are continuing to expand their operation in the US market with a host of new clients with further investment in a specialist US team and marketing strategy.

With further development in their software and operations they are finding ways to streamline their internal processes, whilst providing sleek a interface to help contact centres maximise their potential.

Primo’s Head of Marketing Kevin Box said: “We’re really excited about the future growth of Primo, with many projects and reinvestment within the business. Our team is evolving, and we are adding top tier employees to help progress Primo to the next level”.

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