Bambuser Launches Social Selling to Enable In-Video Sales on Social Media

Bambuser, the award-winning video commerce leader, announced the launch of Social Selling, a new tool that enables companies to create shoppable video directly on social media.

By converting sales through social media videos immediately, Social Selling helps reduce customer friction by shortening the buyer journey while driving increased website traffic and sales.

On average, Bambuser data shows a 12% increase in online conversion rates during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales cycle as consumers begin their holiday shopping. In light of this crucial opportunity, the new feature allows companies to expand their ecommerce model, tap the power of social media to meet their ideal customers wherever they are and grow their follower base, while converting views into sales. When a product is featured in a video, a product card will appear on screen with a unique shop code taking viewers directly to the product detail page (PDP) by simply typing the code in the chat.

How it works:

  • A product card with shop code appears when a product is featured
  • Viewers type the code into the chat to automatically receive a PDP link
  • Product is purchased via company website

64% of Gen Z consumers and 59% of millennials looked for products directly on social media in the first few months of 2023. Being able to sell directly to these consumers instead of simply showcasing products to them can be an important differentiator and sales driver for companies, especially as the holiday season approaches.

“Video has traditionally been used on social media to showcase products, but sales conversion rates are typically low, with viewers unable to make purchases directly within the content,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO of Bambuser. “Social Selling shortens the buying process and reduces the risk of consumers losing interest, which is especially crucial in the noisy holiday shopping season.”

The new Social Selling feature follows the release of One-Click Amplification for every social channel, as Bambuser continues to push the boundaries of video commerce with new ways to create personalized shopping experiences, engage with customers and drive sales in a secure and scalable way. Social Selling will initially launch on Facebook, with accessibility on other platforms coming soon.

Bambuser’s video commerce platform has been refined over 16 years and is trusted by an ever-growing, global list of prestigious companies, such as Shiseido, Hugo Boss, Clarins and brands from the LVMH group. As the world’s leading video commerce provider, Bambuser enables companies across multiple industries to place shoppable video at the heart of their e-commerce ecosystem and bridge the gap between physical shopping and the online buying experience.

About Bambuser

Bambuser is the world’s leading video commerce company with the largest customer base in its industry. Over 350 brands from 40+ countries leverage Bambuser’s solutions to drive customer engagement and sales.

Bambuser is a global company with headquarters in Stockholm and offices in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Turku. Bambuser’s growing team speaks more than 30 languages and 62% of senior management is female.

Founded in 2007 as a livestreaming pioneer, Bambuser now offers the number #1 video commerce platform in the world, helping brands reshape their e-commerce strategies through the power of shoppable video.