Scales Generative AI–powered Chatbot and Voicebot Solutions Globally on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company,  announced that, a global leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider to power its generative AI–powered voicebot and chatbot solutions.

These dynamic AI agents enhance the customer experience with goal-driven conversations with customers while comprehending their needs and providing highly personalized responses. The company’s customer service dynamic AI agents use large language models (LLMs) to deliver high-quality 24/7 support services across more than 35 text and voice-based channels in more than 135 languages.

To scale its business globally, has made its solution available in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that makes it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS.

Since migrating to AWS in May, has reduced its operational costs by 20%, driven performance improvements by 15%, and cut infrastructure costs by 10%, allowing the company to reinvest in innovation and AI research and development. recently launched YellowG, a generative AI–powered platform driven by a blend of centralized global and proprietary LLMs using Amazon SageMaker, a fully managed service to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models. Using LLMs, generates responses to customer queries by drawing from a knowledge repository consisting of websites, documents, and other related data. Exhibiting realistic empathy while minimizing hallucinations (AI responses that aren’t accurate or real) rates close to zero,’s dynamic AI agents can self-serve up to 90% of customer queries. They have also improved ecommerce customer interactions, raising customer journey completion rates by 50% and increasing customer satisfaction scores by 40%. is using Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed foundation model (FM) service that gives businesses access to industry-leading FMs, enabling to rapidly prototype, iterate, and scale generative AI applications. aims to use the power of generative AI for goal-driven conversations and to enhance customer support. The dynamic AI agents can engage with customers to manage prospective leads, handle queries, offer personalized discounts, and share special offers, among other benefits.

Using AWS’s world-class global infrastructure, leverages AWS Regions to deliver high availability and low latency of their services to users across more than 85 countries worldwide. With 1000+ customers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, South America, and U.S., is helping companies swiftly deliver quality customer support at scale. joined the AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate in August, which offers valuable co-selling support and benefits, enabling the company to engage with AWS sellers worldwide who cater to millions of active AWS customers. This year, as an AWS Technology Partner, significantly expanded its business reach and co-selling efforts across Asia-Pacific, India, and North America, acquiring new customers in key industries including retail, financial services, and utilities.

“We’re on a remarkable growth journey, with an impressive 80% increase in our annual recurring revenue. To support our continued global expansion, we needed world-class infrastructure, and AWS has provided us with the scalability, availability, and business support needed to provide the best service to our customers and their users,” said Rashid Khan, chief product officer and co-founder at “In the customer service industry, swift, engaging, and personalized interactions are key to successful outcomes. With our migration to AWS, we are able to leverage price-performant generative AI solutions to make our dynamic AI agents even smarter and more intuitive to enhance the customer experience.”

“Generative AI is transforming the customer service industry, making interactions more engaging and seamless,” said Kumara Raghavan, head of Startups at AWS India and South Asia. “ is transforming its business with the latest cloud technologies to build dynamic AI agents to improve the customer care experience. We look forward to helping make generative AI–driven conversational applications more accessible to customers around the world through AWS Partner programs, including the AWS Marketplace.”

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