Airship Unifies Experimentation and Optimization to Improve Every Mobile Customer Experience

As organizations rush to adopt AI, a data-driven focus is foundational — not only to fuel better AI, but to avoid sacrificing long-term customer value for short-term gains. Nowhere is this more important than in mobile app experience, where value creation opportunities are 3-4X greater than anywhere else.

Today, mobile app experience company Airship introduced a host of enhancements to make continuous experimentation and optimization even easier.

From optimizing the performance of cross-channel customer journeys to refining messages, campaigns and no-code native app experiences, to testing app user experience and features themselves, all Airship experiments are now centralized in an Experimentation Hub. It’s a dashboard that anyone can use to create, launch and evaluate experiments and obtain a common understanding of the end-to-end experimentation and optimization strategy.

Holdout Experiments take A/B testing and control groups to a new level, allowing marketers to measure their impact on business goals by comparing audiences that receive marketing-led experiences versus those that don’t. Feature Flags enable teams to turn functionality on and off, run tests with control groups, activate short-term campaigns and make iterative experience enhancements before rolling them out to full audiences — all without the need for new code deployment or app store updates.

Airship has also centralized its visual reporting environment, providing real-time insights from all active experiments, as well as customer, channel and campaign data, into one place. A new App Health Reporting dashboard provides at-a-glance KPIs to help marketers and product owners understand app performance across the mobile app lifecycle.

Since the introduction of Airship’s no-code native App Experience Editor, businesses around the world have enabled non-technical teams to easily create, automate and adapt native app experiences for continuous onboarding and first-party and zero-party data collection. Numerous nominations for Airship’s annual customer awards program — The Altitude Awards—have documented their successes with agile creation and experimentation, including:

“Experimentation is fully integrated into Burger King France’s strategy, as we strive to deliver personalized, innovative experiences across all channels, from campaigns to product testing and new services,” said Valentin Pereira, CRM Project Manager. “Airship’s no-code native app experiences make it easy to go beyond messaging to optimize critical multiscreen app flows as well as important customer journeys and multi-channel campaigns. Results of initial app experience tests will have us repeating Airship Stories and videos at key moments in the customer journey — from welcoming new app users to launching major sales promotions.”

“Olio is fighting climate change by connecting people everywhere to give away rather than throw away, and share rather than shop, which makes our mobile app and notification opt-ins critical to facilitating rapid sharing and exchanges,” said Gareth Main, Chief Customer Officer at Olio. “Airship’s no-code native app experiences have enabled our entire team to quickly take action and experiment to improve users’ experiences, including recent tests that grew our notification opt-in rate by 24% while identifying a new approach we’ll take for future campaigns.”

“With more than 10 apps in total, we measure customer satisfaction daily. Previously, we used an HTML webview to deliver surveys to app users, which proved to be a distracting experience, resulting in low response rates,” said Laurent Claramonte, head of data analytics for Products and Mobile Apps, Orange France. “Since moving to Airship’s no-code native app experiences to quickly deploy, test and adapt onboarding flows, surveys and more, we now get as many customer survey responses in a day as we used to receive in a month.”

“Customers’ first experiences with brands have an outsized impact on future value, especially when it comes to mobile app experiences where more than half decide whether to delete a new app in the first two uses,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Airship. “Brands need to recognize the limited window they have to make a compelling case for app customers to stick around. With Airship’s solution approach we are streamlining creation, experimentation and optimization, giving brands the keys to unlock agile optimization and more quickly achieve their business goals.”

About Airship

No one knows more, does more, or cares more than Airship when it comes to helping brands master mobile app experience (MAX).

From the beginning of apps, Airship powered the first commercial messages and then expanded its data-led approach to all re-engagement channels (mobile wallet, SMS, email), app UX experimentation, no-code native app experience creation and App Store Optimization (ASO).

Having powered trillions of mobile app interactions for thousands of global brands, Airship’s technology and deep industry expertise have enabled apps to become the digital centre of customer experience, brand loyalty and monetization.

With the Airship App Experience Platform and Gummicube’s ASO technology and expertise, brands now have a complete set of solutions to optimize the entire mobile app customer journey – from the point of discovery to loyalty – driving greater value for everyone involved.

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