Operata Launches AI-powered CX Observability Copilots Fueled by a Trillion Contact Centre Data Points

Operata, the Experience Observability company, announced at AWS re:Invent 2023, general availability of the Harmony release of its Operata Platform.

The release introduces Tenor AI*, a new suite of CX Observability tools for users to gain insights from and take actions on correlated technical, operations, and experience data spanning their cloud contact centre environment.

Tenor AI is fuelled by Operata’s fast-growing trove of data, built on more than 270 million customer interactions, 650 million agent minutes, and 1 trillion data points.

Tenor AI includes:

  • AI Featured Insights highlight areas of improvement to make the most gains to your key CX metrics.
  • Real-time intelligent guidance to improve technology and operational performance for every Agent with an enhanced AX Copilot.
  • A natural language CX Copilot to interact with CX Observability data and surface unique data correlations.

Operata provides the world’s only CX Observability platform built exclusively for cloud contact centres. Operata surfaces insights and delivers guidance for improving CX by drawing correlations across historically siloed technical, operations, and experience data. For the first time, contact centres can act on AI-powered Featured Insights and use GPT-style conversational language in Tenor AI to ask questions of harmonized CX Observability data to gain deeper understanding of the relationships between factors impacting Agent Experience (AX) and Customer Experience (CX).

For example, Tenor AI can guide users to correlated insights such as:

“Agents using built-in mics transfer 200% more calls than those using headsets”; “Call transcription accuracy drops 4X when voice quality dips below 3.5 MOS”; or “Mid-call abandonment by customers jumps 3x when calls experience high agent CPU and poor customer sentiment”.

“With the increasing complexity of cloud contact centres and their growing volumes of data, businesses are struggling to separate key signals from all the noise when monitoring their end-to-end customer experience,” said John Mitchem, Operata Co-Founder and CTO. “In our ‘Harmony’ release we’re introducing Tenor AI as a ubiquitous layer of intelligence that opens up conversational data exploration, serves insights directly into the user’s workflow, and points them to areas that need attention the most.”

The Harmony release means Operata customers now have three ways to gain insight into contact centre performance:

  • Proactive insights and recommendations surfaced by the platform and presented in a new real-time feed, and available via the Operata API to trigger alerts and workflows in integrated systems.
  • Open-ended natural language interaction fuelled by Large Language Models (LLMs) and harmonized Operata data to answer specific, detailed, and complex questions about contact centre performance.
  • Data visualization with trends and summaries in interactive curated Playbooks containing configurable dashboards that facilitate drilling into data spanning technical, operations, and experience domains.

As of today, the Harmony release is Generally Available (GA) and all Operata customers are upgraded. Natural language querying features of Tenor AI are available via a private beta program.

The release includes:

AI Featured Insights

Operata now provides a real-time feed of Tenor AI recommendations to improve key metrics, from Call Abandonment to Call Transfers, from Service Availability to Service Quality.

AX Copilot

Operata’s Agent Messenger is now an Agent Experience Copilot powered by Tenor AI, proactively recommending corrective actions and best practices for Agents to improve CX on-the-fly.

CX Copilot (BETA)

Investigate performance with a breakthrough data Copilot powered by Tenor AI generative models. Use natural language to interact with and uncover insights in your CX Observability data.

New Landing Experience

An all-new Operata user experience brings Tenor AI Featured Insights and CX Copilot to the home screen, surfacing contact centre business and technical performance trends and providing recommended actions to improve CX.

Enhanced Event Streams

An enhanced data pipeline for integration with your existing data infrastructure including WFM, WFO, Data Lakes, and operational tools via real-time event streaming using AWS EventBridge or webhooks.

Operata Platform is the only CX Observability solution that supports Amazon Connect, Genesys Cloud CX, and NICE CXone. Read more about the Harmony release at: https://operata.com/harmony.

Through its multi-CCaaS CX Observability platform, Operata is on a mission to put People Experience at the heart of cloud communications. CX Observability helps contact centres resolve issues faster, perform end-to-end tests, justify investments in customer experience, improve KPIs, and accelerate CCaaS time-to-value. With insights and AI-powered recommendations from Operata, enterprises create better connections with customers and accelerate revenue growth.

About Operata

Operata delivers the world’s only CX Observability platform built exclusively for cloud contact centres. Trained on billions of voice interactions with a trillion data points, Operata Platform harmonizes technical, operations, and experience data, providing end-to-end voice observability and AI-powered insights with proactive recommendations for enhanced customer experience. Today’s leading global brands trust Operata to support digital transformation, improve customer experience, increase agent productivity, and reduce operational costs.

Learn more at www.operata.com.

Tenor AI is a trademark of Operata Pty Ltd.