NeosWave launches with revolutionary business model for customer contact

Contact Management industry heavyweights Graham Ede and Maria McCann have pooled their long experience of building innovative service provider companies and have formed a new-generation solutions provider – NeosWave (

The new company takes a completely agnostic approach to contact management, in order to provide clients with the optimum solution for their current and emerging needs, and reduce contact that does not deliver tangible customer benefit. Automation and Artificial Intelligence technology is combined with highly skilled live contact handling to provide best results – both in terms of customer satisfaction and commercial gain. The company’s approach rejects outdated large contact centre business models which do not match modern requirements.

With access to the latest technology, as well as a pool of highly skilled people, NeosWave nevertheless has no vested interest in any aspect of the supporting infrastructure. As such, the company can offer clients analysis to identify where unnecessary and/or unproductive customer contact can be eliminated, saving cost with no impact on overall customer satisfaction. Equally, automated contact management is structured to seamlessly hand over to capable people who have the skills and attitude to act as real problem solvers. NeosWave uses today’s technology to offer its people flexible remote working, allowing the company to attract the best talent globally.

Graham Ede, CEO at NeosWave, comments, “We are living in a modern world where customer contact is being managed through tired, outdated business models. Yesterday’s big shed infrastructures haven’t changed in twenty years. Simply having lots of people on the end of a phone line or live webchat is massively unproductive. In fact, it’s corrosive as vested interests actively seek to keep staff busy, whether or not that delivers value to the client organisation. In fact, most of our initial engagements are structured so that after a period of years, we transfer skills back into a streamlined, modern in-house operation, in effect transferring value back to the client.

The industry needs to take a much more objective approach to deliver customer contact that really makes a difference… to the customer. Our research – across over 100 firms – shows that baseline savings start at almost 20% of current costs. Surely it makes no commercial sense to blindly carry on with ‘business as usual’ year after year, when the world has changed radically around us? It’s time for a revolution in customer contact and to stop wasting vast sums in unnecessary interactions.”