Deloitte Netherlands Selects Teneo to Build Conversational AI Solution

Artificial Solutions®, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced that Deloitte Netherlands has chosen the award-winning, conversational AI platform, Teneo®, to build a virtual assistant to support the HR function.

The announcement follows a partnership agreement signed by the two companies last year to work together on a number of opportunities to fulfill the demand of businesses for natural language-based applications in the Netherlands.

Although Deloitte is technology agnostic, its successful experience with Teneo while working with clients, helped when taking the decision of using the platform to build this solution.

“We’ve seen first-hand, the potential that Conversational AI offers for companies,” says Ewout Bolhuis, Director Innovation at Deloitte Netherlands. “We’re delighted to enhance our relationship with Artificial Solutions, now as a client, and look forward to using Teneo to support our workforce.”

The recent pandemic crisis is forcing many businesses to rethink their digital transformation strategies and implement, internal and external, Conversational AI solutions within the next months.

Teneo allows enterprises to develop these applications and deploy them through any digital channel of choice, in over 35 languages, running on any platform or operating system. All data generated is owned by the enterprise and is available, unaggregated, to help drive real-time behavior and derive actionable insights.

“Conversational AI is rapidly becoming the core component of the digitalization strategy for every company, especially those looking to future proof themselves against crises like the current COVID19 pandemic,” says Robert Wilson-Fry, Director Strategic Partnerships of Artificial Solutions. “Deloitte is one of those visionary companies that had already included this technology in their portfolio, and we’re excited to be working with them, not only as partner but now also as a client, to discover new use cases for Conversational AI inside their own business.”