New Research Recognises Verint for Top Customer Satisfaction Scores in AI and Customer Self-Service

13th July 2020: Verint® announced it received highly satisfied scores from customers in product satisfaction, implementation and overall vendor satisfaction in DMG Consulting LLC’s new 2020/2021 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report*.

Customers ranked Verint among the leaders in product satisfaction. In addition, of the report’s featured vendors, Verint achieved top scores in AI, natural language understanding/natural language generation and customer self-service capabilities.

In terms of product effectiveness, Verint received top scores for:

  • Ability to improve customer satisfaction/engagement
  • Ability to help organisations comply with privacy regulations
  • Accuracy, tuning and ongoing system optimisation

“Creative enterprises are asking a lot from their digital assistants, and the more flexible IVAs are responding with a swiftness never experienced with IVRs,” notes Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting. “While many of the functions performed by IVAs were available from sophisticated natural language IVRs, the speed to market of the newer IVAs is a game-changer for companies.”

Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant™ supports both voice and digital experiences and is part of Verint’s Customer Engagement Portfolio. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, it provides personalised answers to customer questions and requests based on the customer’s prior purchases, location and other factors. It can predict what a customer wants and automate the best next action. Customers experience higher goal completion rates with a user experience that’s better, smarter and faster, and that involves less effort. Businesses can realise greater self-service use across all channels, translating into higher automation and lower escalation rates.

“In this latest report, DMG positions IVAs as the first responders for Customer Service, and I couldn’t agree more as we saw this with the initial and continued phases of COVID-19,” says Verint’s Nancy Treaster, SVP and general manager of strategic operations. “While the world transitions to the new normal, companies who deployed IVAs are experiencing the strategic value they can provide across their organisation. Now is the time for businesses and contact centres to deploy IVAs in ways that will help them now and support their plans for the future.”

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*Source: DMG Consulting, 2020/2021 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report, May 2020