Vonage Partners with Conversational AI Platform EBO.ai to Enable Intelligent Customer Support for Businesses

Vonage, a global leader in cloud communications helping businesses accelerate their digital transformation, has announced its partnership with AI communications leader, EBO.ai to provide businesses with intuitive, intelligent customer service tools and support powered by the Vonage Communications Services Platform.

EBO.ai, a virtual agent provider based in Malta and the UK, helps companies build valuable, long-lasting relationships with their customers using artificial intelligence technology that automates personalised customer communication without compromising on quality. The company worked with Microsoft to build key components of their service offering, including security, hosting, and latency reduction to ensure an infrastructure that is both robust and secure.

With this new partnership, Vonage’s Voice, Video and Messaging APIs now enable EBO’s self-learning virtual agents to communicate across multiple channels seamlessly, providing a genuinely customer-centric experience using the most advanced AI technology.

A central tenet of the EBO conversational AI philosophy is that businesses must meet their customers where they are already having conversations. EBO’s Virtual Agents work in conjunction with a business’s customer service agents, reducing operational burden and enabling 24/7 support to meet the growing need for more engagement at lower costs. By utilising Vonage APIs to access a variety of digital and mobile channels – from video and voice to social channels including WhatsApp and Viber – EBO’s Virtual Agents can now adapt to customer preference, ensuring a seamless, personalised experience.

“Our partnership with Vonage is an exciting step forward, as together we are providing powerful, transformative, intelligent tools at the forefront of communications solutions,” Gege Gatt, CEO, EBO.ai. “We’re proud that our partnership is showing the world what the future holds for communications technology.”

The Vonage Platform enables businesses to embed contextual, programmable communications via messaging, chat, social media, video and voice directly into their mobile apps, websites and business systems. The Vonage Platform makes it easy for businesses to build immediate and intuitive communication experiences that today’s customers expect.

“We believe that businesses today can radically improve customer experience by implementing an amazing array of modern, intelligent communications tools,” said Omar Javaid, President, Vonage API Platform Group. “Together, Vonage and EBO.ai can offer companies advanced conversational AI tools that can be easily incorporated into their existing customer service journey, creating flexible, intelligent, and personal experiences.”

To find out more about Vonage, visit www.vonage.com.

To find out more about EBO.ai, visit www.ebo.ai/.