Voximplant accelerates growth of customer service industry with simple omnichannel cloud contact centre solution – no coding required

Voximplant, the voice-first cloud communications company, today announced Voximplant Kit has been completely transformed into a next-generation, omnichannel, cloud contact centre solution.

Built to help companies adapt and serve customers in a COVID-19 reality, Voximplant Kit is the most powerful and user-friendly solution for companies of all sizes to customize and deploy an omnichannel cloud contact centre in minutes.

With intuitive no-code programming, AI-powered tools, and out-of-the-box automation, the latest Voximplant Kit speeds up inbound call resolution with the highest quality voice interactions, freeing human agents to focus on higher-value customer needs and engagement, immediately.

An advanced contact centre solution, Voximplant Kit offers an intuitive agent-centered interface for engaging customers anywhere with AI-powered conversational Interactive Voice Response (IVR), messaging, and comprehensive skills-based omnichannel routing from voice and popular messenger apps to the right agent. Unlike other programmable cloud contact centre platforms, Voximplant Kit is 100 percent configurable without code, resulting in faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and ease-of-use, all while delivering next-generation full-featured, AI-assisted contact centre services at a lower cost. Best of all, it is the first solution that any department in an organisation, from Customer Service to Marketing and Sales, can easily deploy to increase customer engagement and expand revenue opportunities.

“The current generation of contact centre solutions lack the required features and flexibility to incorporate the latest AI-enhanced capabilities to meet shifting demands of today’s business environment,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, Voximplant. “Worse still, those offerings require a high level of integration expertise and effort. In contrast, Voximplant Kit delivers a complete cost and time-saving solution that can be deployed by a company’s technical and non-technical departments in minutes.”

Voximplant Kit Improves Omnichannel Engagement with the Latest in Conversational Voice AI Technology:

No-code rollouts–greater flexibility and faster time-to-market

● Easy-to-use “drag and drop” visual editor
● More team members and departments can directly contribute without specialty expertise
● Sign-up, customize and launch in minutes
● Flexible, faster iteration to improve campaign performance

Integrated voice and messaging channels

● Agents can communicate how and where customers are most comfortable. Chat on calls, SMS, Telegram, Whatsapp, and more, or switch between messaging channels

Faster routing with smart queues

● Route inquiries from voice or messaging faster to the right agents by skills or availability, or choose from several ready-to-go distribution strategies

Greater efficiency with automation

● Automate 80% of routine calls with brand-matched human-like voice interactions

Premium AI-powered voicebot and speech integrations

● Major providers include Google Cloud, IBM Watson and Amazon Web Services
● Best speech synthesis support with more than 300 built-in synthesized voice options
● Speech recognition engines covering over 120 languages and regional dialects
● Advanced natural language understanding (NLU) and bot interface with a built-in Google Dialogflow connector

“We serve healthcare providers, employers and patients. Especially in this current and evolving Covid-19 environment, each of those groups requires reliable, excellent and specific support,” said Peter Vuong, Cofounder of Sentry Health. “To best serve our patients and clients we needed a simple-to-deploy and manage contact centre solution that we could rollout quickly across our organisation and non-technical teams. Voximplant Kit was everything we needed but didn’t expect to get in one package.”

To learn more about Voximplant Kit and the next generation of AI-enhanced communications apps, bots and complete contact centre solutions, visit: https://voximplant.com/kit

About Voximplant

Founded in 2013, Voximplant empowers businesses and developers around the world to rapidly create and scale better communication experiences. Voximplant’s full-featured platform simplifies development and rapid deployment with serverless and no-code options that remove the complexities in infrastructure and technologies commonly associated with adding voice and video communication into applications. A global CPaaS innovator, Voximplant is on its way to supporting 1 billion calls per year for over 20,000 customers around the world.

Learn more about Voximplant at https://voximplant.com