Speakeasy AI & Quiq Announce Partnership To Deliver Conversational AI with Messaging

Speakeasy AI, the world’s first and only provider of Speech-to-Intent™ based solutions, formally announced its partnership with Quiq, the industry leading business messaging company. The partnership will allow Speakeasy AI to intelligently deliver Quiq’s business messaging solutions within voice channels.

Speakeasy AI & Quiq customers will be able to leverage conversational AI to shift conversations to messaging within IVRs while providing AI-infused intelligent routing to live agents across platforms like SMS, Apple business chat, Google RCS, Facebook Messenger and Twitter DM. Speakeasy AI will continue to deliver conversational AI assistance and suggestions within Quiq for those human agents to reduce agent handle times and improve agent and customer experience.

The combined partnership will bring to market an end-to-end conversational customer experience for Quiq customers using Speakeasy AI. Additionally, Speakeasy AI will provide full self-service reporting across the breadth of voice and digital engagements for Quiq customers within Amplify™ customer journey reporting. Quiq & Speakeasy AI customers will also be able to utilize their messaging interactions and other chatbot knowledge bases to begin modeling custom voice libraries within Nerv™, Speakeasy AI’s custom voice neural net solution.

“We are excited to enable Quiq customers to leverage conversational AI and messaging within voice and agent channels,” says Frank Schneider, CEO of Speakeasy AI, “Mike Myer and the Quiq team have invested in a messaging solution and approach that enables orchestration of best of breed technologies for their customers, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

“Making it easy and convenient for consumers to get what they need is what sets brands apart today.” says Mike Myer, CEO, Quiq. “Speakeasy and Quiq have partnered to help customers move between phone and messaging seamlessly, ensuring a successful interaction.”

Quiq customers can use the Speakeasy AI integration during Active Listening phase as well as with the full delivery of the Speakeasy AI solution.

About Speakeasy AI

Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to understand and respond to their customers’ needs with AI. We accomplish this mission by using the world’s first and only Speech-to-Intent™ solution. Combined with our end-to-end reporting and our next generation conversation manager, Sky™, we provide a full solution for voice and digital AI that can be leveraged in any channel. And since an AI platform is only as good as its improvement cycle, we enable rapid updates powered by machine learning to ensure wins are delivered on the day you launch. With our AI solutions and our team’s proven expertise, we work tirelessly to provide better experiences and deliver understanding as a service.

Learn more at http://www.speakeasyai.com.

About Quiq

Quiq helps brands present their customers with consistently jaw-dropping customer experiences across SMS/text messaging, rich messaging, web chat, and social channels. With Quiq’s Conversational Engagement Platform, companies can easily orchestrate commerce and service conversations involving both bots and humans.

For more information about Quiq, go to quiq.com.