Qualtrics Announces Manager Assist, Empowering Managers to Own Their Team’s Engagement and Success

Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, announced Qualtrics Manager Assist, a new platform that empowers managers to listen, understand and act on feedback from their own teams, in real time, to keep employees engaged and productive.

Manager Assist brings together – in a single place – everything a manager needs in order to increase employee productivity and engagement and reduce costly and unwanted attrition. Manager Assist analyses feedback employees offer through engagement surveys, and, with Qualtrics Discover, what employees are saying on public channels.

Manager Assist will tap into Qualtrics’ XM Benchmarks to help managers understand their biggest risks and opportunities based on the billions of data points on Qualtrics’ XM Platform™. Managers receive a comprehensive picture of how trends translate both by geography and industry, and automated recommendation prompts so they can take effective, impactful action.

Bad manager experiences are the leading cause of employee attrition

Managers are a critical lynchpin of team engagement and business outcomes. Three quarters of employees leave their jobs because of a bad manager experience, according to a Gallup poll, and SHRM estimates it costs 6-9 months of salary to replace an employee – in addition to the lost revenue opportunities from being shorthanded. But often, managers are untrained, underprepared, and burned out. A recent Qualtrics study found that 43% of managers feel more pressure to produce results than they did a year ago. But as budgets tighten, productivity is increasingly important, and employers can’t afford to lose high-performing members of the team.

“Most people leave their jobs as a result of their managers, so we’re enabling managers to become the heroes of the employee experience,” said Brad Anderson, Qualtrics president of products and engineering. “Manager Assist puts the power of data into the hands of managers to understand how their teams are feeling and the experience their employees are having, and then empowers them to take the right actions to keep their teams working efficiently and effectively while also avoiding costly employee attrition.”

Providing a simple way for managers to understand engagement results

Engagement pulse surveys continue to be one of the most effective tools for managers to understand the mood of their teams and plan for ways to ensure that they stay effective. Manager Assist optimizes the results of engagement pulses in a simple, approachable way that quickly helps managers understand what should be celebrated and what actions they can take with their teams to improve.

Providing insights for managers from everywhere employees make their voices heard

Manager Assist will bring insights managers need to understand how a team is feeling, including analysing text sources such as open text survey responses, HR tickets, public social media, and enterprise chat. Qualtrics’ industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) will comb through the data to identify the most important areas of focus to drive the most immediate and impactful change. That same AI then recommends the most impactful actions – making it much easier for managers to understand and take action to improve team engagement.

Unlocking key risks and opportunities with data

Qualtrics will tap into its vast experience data and industry-leading analytics by building in XM Benchmarks integration into the Manager Assist experience. XM Benchmarks allows customers to uncover their biggest risks and opportunities based on the XM platform’s billions of data points. Managers can easily compare their own data to larger industry trends, so they have a comprehensive understanding of the overall landscape and where their own issues land in relation to industry or geographic peers. Manager Assist will further reveal Cross XM insights to help managers know the most important actions that can both drive employee engagement and drive customer success.

Collaborative tools to drive impactful outcomes

Manager Assist also leverages built-in action planning and collaboration tools, so managers are one click away from huddling with their team to collaborate, brainstorming ideas, and creating plans with shared accountability based on the team’s feedback. Those results and corresponding progress can then be shared with teams so everyone knows exactly what’s happening, where managers are focused, and how they each play a part in creating a better workplace experience.


  • Manager Assist will be available in early 2023. It will include engagement pulse insights and recommended actions.
  • Over the course of 2023, enhancements will include integration with EmployeeXM Discover, Cross XM, and Benchmarks

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