Startek® Accepts Final Offer to Acquire Interest in Contact Center Company

Startek announced that it has accepted a final offer, dated November 9, 2022, by Arabian Internet and Communications Services Company (Solutions) to acquire the Company’s indirect 51% ownership interest in Contact Center Company (CCC), which is the Company’s joint venture that operates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Solutions would also be acquiring the remaining 49 percent ownership interest in CCC held by Saudi Telecom Company (STC). This offer provides for a transaction based on an enterprise value for CCC of SAR 450 million, on debt free and cash free basis, to be paid in cash.

The completion of the proposed acquisition is subject to the negotiation and execution of definitive documentation and satisfaction of the conditions therein, including (i) completion of any required stock exchange and regulatory review, (ii) final approval of the transaction by the board of directors of each of the Company, Solutions and STC and (iii) receipt of various third-party consents. Accordingly, no assurances can be made that the parties will successfully negotiate and enter into a definitive agreement, or that the proposed acquisition will be consummated on the terms or timeframe currently contemplated, or at all.

About Startek®

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