Limitless Appoints Iain Regan as Chief Customer Officer

Gig customer service (GigCX) leader Limitless has appointed Iain Regan as Chief Customer Officer. The appointment will support a growing number of GigCX engagements that are transforming the way customer service is delivered by the world’s largest brands.

With extensive experience in the SaaS and outsourcing industries, Regan’s team will support a growing number of customers globally, driving the application of use cases for GigCX across the entire customer lifecycle which include sales, onboarding and advanced technical support.

Regan has a proven track record of building high-performing teams to scale businesses internationally and deliver significant value creation for investors. He has over twenty years in leadership roles in Global Technology, B.P.O. and Consulting organisations, leading international teams and inspiring people to deliver results.

Roger Beadle, CEO of Limitless commented: “As demand continues to accelerate for GigCX we wanted to create a team obsessed with delivering amazing service and value for our clients that is underpinned by our Expert GoodGig principles. Iain is an experienced, strategic and creative CX leader who is focused on creating long-term business value for all stakeholders.”

“Limitless’ clients are asking us to broaden and scale the GigCX model so they can further leverage the benefits in their global service and support ecosystems. The Board and I are thrilled to have Iain join the Limitless senior leadership team and I am very confident that, under his leadership, our new Client Success team will help our customers achieve their customer experience goals in 2023 and beyond,” Beadle continued.

Iain Regan, CCO of Limitless commented: “I look forward to working with our clients such as PlayStation, Microsoft, eBay, Samsung, Dell and others to help them leverage GigCX in additional use cases across their customer-facing business functions. The rapidly growing opportunities for our customers mean my plate is very full, but it’s great to be at the leading edge of something this momentous. The role of CCO has taken off in recent years. It’s something we often see in our clients and we thought it was a perfect fit for where we are in the current market. I couldn’t be more excited to be here.”

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