Talkdesk Brings Low-Code and No-Code to Every Aspect of the Contact Centre

Talkdesk®, a global cloud contact centre leader for customer-obsessed companies, introduced Talkdesk Automation Designer™ and Talkdesk Workspace Designer™, the latest additions to the Talkdesk Builder suite of low-code and no-code customization tools that enable organizations to easily develop and customize their ideal contact centre.

With heightened customer expectations, rising software development costs, a shrinking developer talent pool, and unpredictable macro environment, companies can find it hard to keep pace and almost impossible to get ahead in the race to deliver ever-better customer experiences (CX). To help businesses prevail against the odds, Talkdesk has overhauled the traditional approach to contact centre development, empowering organizations to maximize existing resources. By leveraging Builder’s innovative portfolio of no-code and low-code tools, contact centre teams can quickly adapt to evolving business needs with clicks, not code.

Automation Designer

A no-code, point-click-publish tool that allows frontline workers to design customer-centric, AI-powered automations across the customer journey.

  • Builds dynamic conversation flows that intelligently respond to and resolve customer queries.
  • Simplifies process creation to allow frontline users to instantly define and launch workflows that cater to their specific challenges.
  • Optimizes business processes for a variety of use cases, such as conversational flow design for virtual agents, scripted agent conversations, and more.

Workspace Designer

A low-code tool for empowering IT teams and business users to effortlessly design, modify, and launch customized user interfaces for every contact centre role.

  • Improves business agility, enhances productivity, reduces errors, and enables enterprises to adapt to market changes through rapid customization of the employee experience
  • Minimizes development resources by reducing the strain on IT departments
  • Decreases costs and resources associated with traditional interface development, allowing organizations to shift investments toward other business-critical efforts

“Most organizations want to prioritize CX innovation and recognize the need to transform their contact centres, but they’re encountering hurdles,” said Charanya Kannan, chief product, engineering, and customer officer at Talkdesk. “Through our Builder portfolio and new tools like Automation Designer and Workspace Designer, Talkdesk is creating smarter ways for them to eliminate the barriers to contact centre customization and bypass expensive, lengthy development cycles. Now they can achieve their CX goals faster, while also outpacing the competition.”

Automation Designer and Workspace Designer join a growing lineup of Builder tools, including Talkdesk ConnectionsTM, Talkdesk StudioTM, and Talkdesk ExploreTM, which give companies a broad range of low-code or no-code options for building third-party integrations, omnichannel flows, and custom reports.

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About Talkdesk

Talkdesk® is a global cloud contact centre leader for customer-obsessed companies. Our automation-first customer experience solutions optimize our customers’ most critical customer service processes. Our speed of innovation, vertical expertise, and global footprint reflect our commitment to ensuring that businesses can deliver better experiences across any industry and through any channel, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and accelerated business outcomes.