Squaretalk and Sedric Join Forces to Empower Call Centres with Industry-leading Compliance Management

Squaretalk, a major cloud call centre software provider, and Sedric, a leading compliance excellence platform for next-gen fintech companies, announced their partnership.

Squaretalk customers and partners now have seamless access to Sedric’s platform that enables fintechs to accelerate growth while complying with tightening consumer protection regulations governing the financial space. Offering AI-based monitoring and scoring, individualized agent training, and machine-generated audit trails, the platform enables clients to automate tedious manual processes in their compliance and quality control functions. In addition to mitigating regulatory risk, businesses can gain actionable insights on agent performance to improve efficiency and boost sales results.

The financial services industry is evolving rapidly and it is getting more and more challenging to keep up with emerging regulations and keep operations compliant. At the same time, consumers are demanding more protection from data and privacy breaches. This is why Sedric and Squaretalk partnered to empower contact centers serving financial service providers with an AI-based compliance layer that helps enhance their compliance management, reduce operational costs, and provide their customers with greater protection.

“Sedric and Squaretalk share the same values when it comes to security, transparency, and business performance. We also believe in delivering smooth and seamless solutions to our customers by emphasizing simplicity. Sedric is a cloud-based API-first solution, so we were able to accomplish the integration smoothly and in only a day,” said Elie Rubin, CEO of Squaretalk.

Replacing tedious manual monitoring and quality control tasks, the joint solution helps contact centers boost operational efficiency and profit margins in the current economic climate characterized by uncertainty.

“We are excited to partner with Squaretalk and be part of their omnichannel communications platform”, said Nir Laznik, CEO and Co-founder of Sedric. “As we support 40+ languages, we empower Squaretalk clients to grow their global businesses by offering scalable, flexible and easy-to-implement solutions and easing compliance with European and US consumer protection regulations.”

About Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a powerful cloud communications platform helping growing businesses boost customer engagement by providing flexible and effective solutions to decentralized teams.

Squaretalk is a multinational tech company operating in Israel and Bulgaria with worldwide coverage and a vast ecosystem of integrations and automations with the most popular business tools such as Salesforce CTI, Zoho Phonebridge, Hubspot, Freshworks, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Gong.io, Match-trade, Slack, Teams, Dynamics CRM, Google Sheets and many more.

Learn how to become a part of Squaretalk’s growing network of partners: https://squaretalk.com/partners/

About Sedric

Sedric is a compliance excellence platform for next-gen fintech companies. With AI-based real-time monitoring, detection, and analysis of all customer interactions, Sedric ensures customer protection, minimizes risks and expedites business growth. Sedric empowers compliance teams to quickly apply new laws and regulations across their growing business operations and enables them to focus on high-risk events across all channels (voice, chat, video, email, social, and more). The company was established by Nir Laznik and Eyal Peleg in 2020 and is proud to serve fast-growing fintechs on three continents. It was recently awarded Most Promising Fintech Startup by CitiBank and Visa.

For more, please visit: https://www.sedric.ai/