Oodle Selects NICE Enlighten AI to Better Identify and Serve Vulnerable Customers

NICE announced that Oodle Car Finance, one of the fastest growing motor finance companies in the United Kingdom (UK), has selected NICE’s artificial intelligence (AI)-driven customer experience solutions to identify and meet the specific needs of vulnerable consumers.

With NICE Interaction Analytics and Enlighten AI for Vulnerable Customers, Oodle is providing its frontline contact centre agents with real-time guidance, ensuring fair treatment, and addressing regulatory compliance.

NICE’s technology enables Oodles’ contact centre agents to adapt their behaviours, driving higher volumes of fair outcomes for vulnerable customers. By investing in Enlighten AI, Oodle is establishing practices designed to treat vulnerable customers fairly and deliver service in line with the Consumer Duty guidelines for firms published by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regarding the fair treatment of customers.

The cloud-based NICE customer experience applications make it possible for Oodle to pro-actively identify vulnerable customers by analysing the company’s interactions. The analysis of every voice contact occurs automatically, with no manual effort, accurately identifying indicators of vulnerability among customers. The solutions provide effective post-call and real-time interaction guidance for frontline agents, improving their responses to consumer vulnerabilities and the agent soft skill behaviours impacting customer satisfaction metrics. While Oodle is aligning with FCA guidance, owing to Enlighten AI, it is also lowering its operational costs by improving multiple key KPIs related to agent hold times and first call resolution.

When comparing to previously available data, Oodle has seen an improvement in the accurate identification and flagging of vulnerable customers. The solution will continue to learn and improve as time goes on, with the goal of unconscious competence across the customer facing employee population.

“At Oodle, our enduring goal is to provide an exceptional experience for all our customers, and we want our customers in vulnerable circumstances to receive good customer outcomes that take into consideration their situations. Our objective is to ensure consistent fair treatment for all.” said Jessica Bates, COO of Oodle Car Finance. “To ensure we embed this into our culture and provide the quality our customers have come to expect, we selected NICE Enlighten AI for Vulnerable Customers. The solution enables us to rapidly and automatically incorporate the visibility and guidance needed to effectively support customers in vulnerable circumstances, ensure fair treatment and deliver exactly the service they need, when they need it.”

Having disrupted the used car finance market in the UK with its digital, end-to-end service, Oodle is now well-positioned to further differentiate itself on customer experiences, thanks to NICE’s CX technology.

“We are pleased to help Oodle Car Finance support their employees in delivering service that not only meets the FCA’s Consumer Duty guidelines, but also creates frictionless experiences that help to better support all customers, but with particular consideration for those in vulnerable circumstances,” said Darren Rushworth, President, NICE International. “By choosing NICE Enlighten AI, Oodle has distinguished itself in its industry with real-time analysis of every interaction and rapid responsiveness to the specific needs of all its customers.”

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