LivePerson launches suite of Conversational Intelligence solutions to accelerate digital and contact centre transformation

LivePerson, a global leader in conversational AI, announced the launch of its Conversational Intelligence suite of capabilities, as well as its enterprise managed services solution, LP 360.

Both new offerings allow businesses to empower their people, shift customer conversations to digital, and embrace AI and automation to drive better business outcomes.

Based on decades of expertise helping brands improve digital engagement — and informed by billions of real customer interactions — LivePerson’s new offerings are the most advanced enterprise-class conversational intelligence tools and managed services on the market. They will debut with demos and keynotes from LivePerson AI experts at the company’s November 14, 2023 Spark launch event.

Part of LivePerson’s award-winning Conversational Cloud, the Conversational Intelligence suite consists of three solutions that leverage conversational data — the literal voice and words of the customer — to redefine how conversational AI drives business outcomes:

  • Analytics Studio combines and converts voice and messaging conversations into actionable data that makes sense of your customers’ behaviours, preferences, and signals across channels.
  • Generative Insights applies cutting-edge large language models to your conversational data, meaning you can say goodbye to spending hours sifting through transcripts and spreadsheets. Just ask an open-ended question and receive instant insights from your customer conversations.
  • Report Center aggregates reporting into a simple and configurable dashboard to measure the performance of your AI- and human-powered interactions.

“As the most scaled solution for messaging and automation in the world — and with one of the world’s most extensive datasets for customer engagement — LivePerson sets the standard for turning conversational data into better business outcomes,” said John Collins, Interim CEO of LivePerson. “Our Conversational Intelligence suite puts the ‘I’ in AI by allowing you to understand what customers want, measure your performance, and continuously improve. And that’s just the beginning: beyond optimization and personalization, Conversational Intelligence even allows you to uncover new revenue opportunities that transform your business.”

According to Forrester, “Insights from contact centre conversations are driving enterprise-wide value. Companies are recognizing that the contact centre is far more than operational overhead. In many cases, the only one-to-one interaction a company will have with its customers is through the contact centre — these conversations represent a gold mine of business value.”*

LivePerson’s enterprise customers already use its analytics capabilities to solve problems and drive results, and the company’s new Conversational Intelligence solutions are set to accelerate how they leverage data to better serve consumers.

“I’ve learned from my experience with LivePerson that the intent data we collect is a treasure trove for understanding our customers. Having access to what our clients are saying — and being able to surface that to drive business outcomes — is a massive opportunity,” said Holly Carroll, Vice President of Client Services at The RealReal. “We’re able to analyse real-time, verbatim feedback, which is something I personally do every single morning to understand our customers’ wants and pain points.”

Also set to launch at the November 14 Spark event, LP 360 is a turnkey managed services offering for enterprise conversations. This program aligns to pre-defined business outcomes — tying fees to your success — and provides the fastest route to outcomes, going from kickoff to launch in as little as four weeks.

  • Performance: Based on industry benchmarks, LP 360 establishes a baseline and measures outcomes over time — based on the KPIs that matter most to your business: lead generation, conversion rates, reduced costs, revenue, or other goals.
  • Platform: Using the Conversational Intelligence suite, LP 360 helps you understand what your customers want, then works with you to digitize and ultimately automate those intents. In addition to Conversational Intelligence, every capability on the Conversational Cloud platform is deployed to achieve your objectives.
  • People: LivePerson hires, trains, and manages your agents, scaling as needed to meet your goals. LP 360 also provides dedicated strategy and implementation specialists from the LivePerson team, with verticalized expertise in financial services, travel and hospitality, telecommunications, automotive, retail, and more.

“Our managed services team has already delivered incredible results for some of the world’s biggest brands, where we’ve successfully reduced operating expenses by 30% or more while simultaneously boosting Net Promoter Scores by 30+ points. The launch of LP 360 opens up this level of dedicated partnership to enterprises across the globe,” said Nirali Amin, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions at LivePerson. “Building, optimizing, and maintaining a contact centre is costly. LP 360 unlocks everything you need — technology, labour, automation, and full end-to-end management — to achieve better outcomes as fast as possible.”

LivePerson customer The RealReal worked with the LP 360 team to launch a seamless, luxury-level experience for consignors, buyers, and internal employees in just six weeks. Early results included reduced wait times (less than two minutes on messaging compared to three days on email), a 10% boost in customer satisfaction scores, and reduced costs in spite of increasing headcount. The LP 360 and The RealReal team also exceeded their goals for shifting contact volume to messaging, with 40% shifted in less than six months compared to their initial goal of 30%.

Join LivePerson’s Spark launch event on November 14, 2023 at 2 PM ET to learn more. The event will include demos of the Conversational Intelligence suite, as well as keynotes from LivePerson experts about using AI to achieve better business outcomes.

*According to the Forrester report, The Conversation Intelligence For Customer Service Landscape, Q2 2023.

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