Greater Insight Is an Attainable Contact Centre KPI

Richard Mill from Business Systems (UK) explains why better visibility of team delivery is invaluable for call centre managers to run day-to-day operations smoothly and efficiently…

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Contact centres are on the frontline. Contact centre managers must ensure their agents’ performance is optimised to hit targets, meet customer expectations and at the same time adhere to growing data compliance requirements.

Contact centres may be dealing with customers directly or acting as a contact centre delivery partner. Whichever service they offer, contact centre managers today need access to comprehensive information to provide the operational insight they need to maximise performance – and indeed to plan strategically to attain utmost business value.

Organisations are already adopting systems to achieve this and are seeing perceivable results. Take Equiniti Group plc, an outsourcing business focused on financial and administration services. A long-standing Business Systems (UK) Ltd customer, listed on the London Stock Exchange and on the Financial Times Stock Exchange 250 Index, they have already seen major improvements since deploying NICE Nexidia Speech Analytics.

Generating actionable insight

Every year Equiniti’s 400-strong team sited at its Customer Experience Centre assists in excess of 2.6 million customers, handling 88 million documents and processing £90bn in payments.

Its recently modernised Customer Experience Centre has been designed to provide continuous enhancement to ensure customers receive the high quality of service they have come to expect from a leader in financial services. This includes re-working its Quality Monitoring process. Integrated with data analytics, it ensures quality monitoring processes are fully auditable, while driving quality enhancements and providing root cause analysis. The latter, for example, highlights why customers are needing to contact the contact centre repeatedly.

The solution uses the NICE Nexidia Speech Analytics Solution from Business Systems. The Equiniti team used this tool to search voice datasets and spot trends in sentiments that impact the customer experience and customer satisfaction. It specifically identified phrases to find the break points in the process to harvest customer and marketing intelligence. It found that its existing process wasn’t delivering at first point of resolution, confusing the customer.

To resolve this situation, Equiniti provided all agents with a new script, which has resulted in average call length falling from 5 minutes to a notable 3 minutes. The company has already realised significant cost savings and seen a positive impact on its customer experience.

A productive contact centre journey

The use of speech analytics has not only identified processes in need of fine tuning, generated cost savings and enhanced customer satisfaction, it has also given Equiniti invaluable insight into its contact centre performance.

In addition, Nexidia has been effective in helping to deal with compliance monitoring by ensuring agents adhere to scripts and confirming regulatory requirements are met, while streamlining over-arching call centre operations.

The speed analytics solution has allowed Equiniti to gain real insight into the way its customers interact with agents to ensure best business outcomes. This feedback has allowed the company to improve its overall customer experience by gauging the best way to deal with certain issues. The result is an affirmative and meaningful experience for the customer.

The author is Managing Director of Business Systems (UK) Ltd, a specialist in providing call recording and workforce optimisation solution. Visit