AVOXI Integrates Salesforce, Dynamics and Zoho Into Their Cloud Communications Platform

AVOXI, the leading cloud communications platform specialising in contact centre and virtual number solutions, recently announced their ability to integrate must-have technologies like CRM into their contact centre platform.

Empowering support and sales teams to provide exceptional customer interactions, AVOXI is simplifying how contact centres manage their day to day workflows. Enterprise customers can now pull in important customer information directly into their web phones, automatically log tedious tasks like call details and easily pull custom reports to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

As AVOXI begins with CRM favorites like Salesforce, Dynamics and Zoho other essential technologies are slated to follow, including key categories like marketing automation, help desks and live chat. By connecting the dots on business-critical technologies, AVOXI is simplifying how contact centres work.

“Our customers want the ability to connect their business tools to their contact centre,” said AVOXI CEO, David Wise. “Our CRM integrations solve that problem. By connecting our contact centre software into the technologies our customers use every day we’re streamlining their work into one comprehensive platform.”

Those who work in call centres, both inbound and outbound, are on the front lines of customer interactions each day. With most agents managing between 30-50 calls during an eight-hour shift, many of them are overwhelmed with having to translate those conversations into multiple systems. By removing small tasks like activity logging and incorporating features like click to dial, AVOXI helps contact centres save hours of wasted time and allows them to focus on the work that really matters.

“Support and sales teams are usually tasked with meticulously logging almost every minute of their entire day. As we continue to integrate with more and more technologies, our goal is to significantly reduce that monotonous work so they have more time to do what they do best – provide exceptional brand interactions,” said AVOXI CRO, Kyle Johnson.

About AVOXI:

AVOXI, the leading cloud communications platform specializing in contact center and virtual number solutions, simplifies how companies communicate with their customers. Serving more than 6,000 global contact centers, AVOXI provides an integrated communications experience, empowering businesses to provide exceptional customer support within one comprehensive platform.

Learn more and request a demo at www.avoxi.com.