NICE Robotic Process Automation Deepens AI Capabilities for Expanded Automation Discovery and Real-Time Monitoring Intelligence

NICE announced the availability of its Robotic Process Automation version 7.1. The new release drives comprehensive and rapid automation development, ensures business continuity and enables efficient robotic and human workforce management.

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New capabilities include AI-driven automation discovery for identifying sub-processes, proactive identification of automation workflows and connectivity issues, intelligent real-time data, dashboards and sophisticated control features. The result is an expansion of the automation footprint and faster optimization of business value and ROI.

NICE RPA version 7.1 optimizes all stages of the automation lifecycle by delivering the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Automation Discovery Phase: New AI-driven Automation Finder capabilities enable detailed and precise discovery of additional sub-processes and their variations recommended for automation. This allows organizations to smartly plan and develop their automation roadmap, increase footprint and ultimately speed up return on investment (ROI).
  • Automation Development Phase: Automation Studio, NICE RPA’s innovative design tool is equipped with a new built-in debugger capability to display a detailed view of the automation development flow at the touch of a button. Developers can proactively pinpoint issues within the automation flow and rapidly resolve them in real-time. As a result, time to development and time to value are significantly reduced.
  • Operationalization Phase: The AI-driven Shape Analysis feature supports NEVA (NICE Employee Virtual Attendant) and the desktop environment. This enables NEVA to integrate with any desktop application, legacy system and virtual environment.
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Phase: IT administrators have real-time visibility into both the attended and unattended robotic workforce from a single screen view. Enriched with detailed data, administrators are empowered to seamlessly monitor and control the robotic workforce at scale, while taking decisive action in real-time. The capabilities of the Connectivity Watcher have also been expanded. When administrators are alerted in real-time as connectivity breaks occur, this feature provides detailed data including the precise location, facilitating rapid troubleshooting. Machine learning algorithms continuously monitor connectivity behavior, ensuring that the real-time data provided is valid and reliable. Real-time dashboards also present the business impact of the breaks, ensuring prioritization of troubleshooting tasks.

“I am very excited to announce the general availability of NICE RPA 7.1,” said Barry Cooper, President, NICE Enterprise Group. “These innovative new capabilities across all stages of the automation lifecycle enable our customers to automate easier, faster and with even more impressive results.”

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