TechSee Launches Industry’s First Visual Automation Solution for Contact Centres

TechSee, a global leader in visual customer assistance powered by computer vision AI and augmented reality introduced TechSee Smart, the world’s first computer vision solution for contact centres.

TechSee Smart addresses the challenges agents face when automation tools cannot perform complex tasks, helping businesses improve issue resolution efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

TechSee Smart provides visual automation to contact centre agents so they can more identify and resolve customer issues. The computer vision AI platform allows intelligent handling of cases which customers show to agents through their smartphone cameras. The solution processes the image, recognizes the issue, and provides the agent with a recommendation for a prompt resolution.

“The time a customer spends resolving a technological or other frustrating issue can be costly to a business and may mean the end of a brand loyalist,” said Eitan Cohen, CEO, TechSee. “The best way to ensure the customer remains bought into the brand is to make the interaction quick and easy and to resolve the issue first time. Using computer vision AI, TechSee Smart delivers effortless visual customer experience to reach this goal.”

Consumers spend more time than ever on the phone with customer service agents – 384 minutes annually. This has companies investing fortunes – $4.5 billion worldwide – in AI solutions designed to deliver better, faster service. Despite this massive investment and rapid AI adoption, platforms have been limited without visual capabilities.

Visual automation technology is designed to help companies enhance quality of service, improve CX and agent productivity, and achieve improvements across all customer service KPIs: increasing Net Promoter Score (NPS) and First Contact Resolution (FCR), while reducing AHT, truck rolls and product returns.

TechSee’s patented technology applies deep learning computer vision algorithms to its massive visual dataset of consumer products. The platform recognizes devices, identifies issues, suggests resolutions and provides step-by-step visual guidance to the customer. TechSee has already reached image recognition and segmentation accuracy levels of over 95% for devices such as TVs, set-top boxes, broadband routers and small home appliances, and is in advanced development stages of damage recognition. The technology works across a wide range of use cases, from the unboxing, setting up and troubleshooting of devices to onboarding and billing issues.

About TechSee:

TechSee revolutionizes the customer experience domain by providing the first intelligent visual engagement solution powered by artificial intelligence and augmented reality. TechSee empowers enterprises across the globe to deliver better customer experience and reduce costs. TechSee is led by industry veterans with years of experience in mobile technologies, computer vision, machine learning and big data. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in Boston and Madrid. For more information, visit