LivePerson Integration Makes SAP Upscale Commerce Solution Conversational

LivePerson, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, announced a new offering that integrates LivePerson’s industry-leading platform into SAP Upscale Commerce, allowing small and midsized businesses to deploy advanced conversational commerce with unprecedented speed.

The companies have announced a joint education campaign, which will begin with a “Profitable, Conversational Commerce” webinar on July 16, 2019.

LivePerson’s advanced platform for conversational commerce, powered by both AI and human intelligence, was a clear choice for integration into SAP Upscale Commerce for two key reasons: speed of deployment and high flexibility in connecting to customer endpoints.

With extremely rapid deployment and a prebuilt direct integration from LivePerson, SAP Upscale Commerce makes it possible to launch a cutting-edge digital store with advanced conversational commerce in a matter of weeks. The solution’s high flexibility provides customers with an outstanding experience across all form factors — progressive web app, web, mobile, and experiential kiosk — and great service using their preferred messaging platforms.

“This integration will provide major benefits to customers by combining the best conversational commerce offering with the exciting new possibilities offered by SAP Upscale Commerce,” said Avi Kedmi, EVP of the Commercial Sales Group at LivePerson. “As consumers rapidly adopt conversational interfaces across every touchpoint, this integrated solution is an extremely compelling way for retailers to deploy advanced experiences in a fraction of the usual deployment time.”

By making SAP Upscale Commerce conversational with LivePerson, brands can connect to their consumers in a direct, natural way through messaging, reducing the “conversion deficit” on smartphones and tablets — which account for 70% of internet traffic but only 20% of sales conversions — and maximizing the effectiveness of online selling.

Customers receive a text message as soon as they place their orders, then receive further updates as orders progress. These messaging alerts open the doors to wider conversations — such as making changes to orders or even starting new orders via messaging — and put continuous connections in place to build long-term value.

LivePerson and SAP first showcased the solution in a joint presentation at the 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference and are now offering the technology to a global audience. At that same event, SAP demonstrated the speed and flexibility of SAP Upscale Commerce by building a mock e-commerce store and launching it entirely within a 40-minute session.

About LivePerson, Inc.

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