TextUs Next Combines Conversational Text Messaging, Cloud-Voice and Personalized Automation to Connect Businesses with Their Customers in Real-Time

TextUs, the fastest growing business text messaging software in the nation, announced TextUs Next, a new real-time communication platform for connecting businesses with customers in real-time, on their terms.

As business moves to adapt and meet customers on how they prefer to communicate, leading organizations are using text messaging to enable a more personal way for people to connect with companies.

Rather than expect people to answer a cold call or wait days for an email response, real-time communication combines a conversational text messaging, cloud-voice service with click-to-call and personalized automation to enable businesses to engage in real-time conversations with customers at scale. This shift led TextUs to re-engineer its platform from the ground up so businesses can adopt and scale real-time communication across their entire organization.

“The days of relying on a delayed approach with ignored emails and cold calls are ending as organizations large and small move to real-time communication through business-class text messaging™ combined with cloud-voice software,” said Ted Guggenheim, CEO for TextUs.

“TextUs Next provides the enterprise management and analytics businesses need to incorporate text messaging into their everyday workflows,” he added.

Learn more about the power of TextUs Next: https://textus.com/real-time-communication

TextUs Next integrates the 10-digit phone number back into business processes, including CRM, marketing automation and sales acceleration. Now, text messaging is part of everyday communications and teams can manage one-to-one, real-time conversations on their computer or smartphone from their business phone number. By text-enabling the phone number, TextUs adds value to existing business numbers, allowing users to promote to customers that they can now “call or text us!”

TextUs Next enables teams to adopt a new real-time workflow:

Send Conversational Text Messaging Campaigns

TextUs Next takes SMS campaigns from promotional to conversational by allowing businesses to reach customers with personalized text messages that get responses.

  • Conversational SMS Campaigns: Send personalized campaigns to hundreds of contacts.
  • Automated Opt-in/Out: Provide automatic opt-out/in for contacts with the keywords STOP or START.
  • Conversation Funnel Analytics: Gain deep insight into active conversations, response rates, number of messages per conversation, unsubscribes, and more.

Manage Responses in Your New Real-Time Conversation Inbox

TextUs Next frees up text messaging from individual phones and inboxes. Teams have each other’s backs and can be sure a customer’s interest never goes unanswered.

  • Real-Time Conversation Management: Manage conversations by sorting into conversation states, such as open, unanswered, and closed.
  • Multi-User Phone Numbers: Give team members access to multiple phone numbers, such as a department and individual numbers.
  • Typing Indicators: Avoid stepping on each other’s toes: know when other users are typing in the same conversation.

Optimize and Scale a Real-Time Approach Across Your Entire Team

TextUs Next unlocks enterprise-level management, insight, and control over text messaging throughout the entire organization:

  • Organization Mapping: Determine which teams and individuals have access to settings, integrations, templates, and more.
  • New Super Admin User Control: Gain insight into messaging, settings, and analytics for all sub-accounts.
  • Full CRM/ATS Contact Sync: Track data that matters by easily syncing CRM/ATS contact databases with the TextUs Contact Center.

Start communicating with customers in real-time today: https://textus.com/real-time-communication

About TextUs

TextUs is the world’s first real-time communication platform designed to dramatically improve how businesses communicate with their leads, candidates, and customers. With a 98 percent read rate and up to 40 percent response rates, TextUs delivers business-class text messaging™ combined with integrated cloud-voice features to connect businesses with their customers in real time.

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