Call Journey and nGUVU to change business landscape with innovative gamification technology

nGUVU is the global leader in contact centre employee engagement. In its quest to further improve agent operational metrics, nGUVU partners with Call Journey, the leading pioneer in Conversation Analytics, to provide businesses with an immersive and comprehensive solution in tracking insightful KPI’s and boosting agent satisfaction and engagement.

The partnership marries Call Journey’s market-leading Conversation Analytics solution, EVS™ (Emotive Voice Streams), and nGUVU’s groundbreaking gamification platform, nGAGEMENT, to create a better and more fun everyday work experience for agents.

“Agents are the core of one’s business. Look after your agents and they, in turn, will look after your customers,” said Call Journey CEO Paul Humphrey. “Together, Call Journey and nGUVU can help businesses provide a positive working environment for their employees, not only by keeping them engaged but also by identifying areas that they need to improve on and creating training frameworks that can develop their skills.”

nGUVU Chairman and CEO Pierre Donaldson said, “It’s no secret that great customer experience is a direct outcome of employee engagement, which is why we give importance to the agents’ well-being. With Call Journey’s advanced AI-based technology and our innovative gamification solution, we can help businesses initiate recognition, competition and development for their agents in a fun and engaging way.”

The partnership is also great news to customers of Genesys, the world leader in omni-channel solutions and QPC, the leading innovator of contact centre solutions. Call Journey and nGUVU are Genesys’ global partners and are available in Genesys platform. Both companies also have significant ongoing campaigns with QPC that focus more on providing top-notched solution to the Australian market. Together, Call Journey, nGUVU, QPC, and Genesys offer a secure and safe way of streamlining data discovery.

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About nGUVU

nGUVU offers an employee engagement platform for contact centers. We believe that a job worth doing is worth enjoying while you’re doing it. We also believe that the most successful contact centres are the ones that recognize the value of agent engagement, and understand its impact on productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Visit

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