AVOXI Launches Team Productivity Software – AVOXI Genius

AVOXI, a leading provider of cloud communication services, announced the rollout of its new cloud contact centre platform, AVOXI Genius. The product combines over a decade of customer feedback with the latest in today’s technology to bring a modern and intuitive platform to global businesses.

It gives businesses instant visibility into customer communications, allowing them to make real-time changes to improve customer experience.

All platform data is organized and analyzed for a useful presentation to the customer on trends, areas of improvement and strengths. Future capabilities include infusing machine learning applications into the customer dashboard to further improve team performance. This intelligent contact centre product puts businesses in control of customer communication from start to finish.

“AVOXI Genius can be used as the primary contact centre or over the top of an existing phone system, allowing businesses to move to a cloud platform at their own pace. Once you have a team set up on AVOXI Genius, you will see how easy it is to improve their performance using our intelligent features and reports,” said David Wise, founder and CEO. “We empower businesses to operate more efficiently by giving them control over users, profiles, call routing and more. We are filling a gap in the market by giving businesses control of their contact centre plus adding intelligence to improve teams and metrics. It’s Genius.”

Traditional phone systems are expensive, difficult to manage and don’t easily support remote employees. They rely on physical on-premise hardware, probably nearing end-of-life. If a business wants to quickly scale, they need to look at solutions in the cloud. All a business needs to set up AVOXI Genius is a web browser and working internet connection. Once a team is set up, they access features like:

  • Live call monitoring and custom dispositions
  • Hosted call recording
  • Disaster recovery features
  • Inbound call routing
  • Cloud-based IVR
  • Call analytics and queue metrics
  • Inbound and outbound calling in application
  • International VoIP phone numbers in over 160 countries

“Gone are the days of taking days to install a new system and even longer to get regular reports on performance,” states Ritu Maheshwari, vice president of product management. “We developed this contact centre software with the end-user in mind, putting them in control. They need instant visibility to improve team performance and AVOXI Genius is the solution for that.”

AVOXI Genius has been in field testing for more than six months with over 1,200 users, including 90 AVOXI employees. Customers are pleased with how the product is supporting their business.

“The AVOXI team has been really awesome and always helpful. We do business with people, not technology, and AVOXI has great people to support my company,” states customer Antonio at AK Global Advising.

“The interface is easy to use and very user-friendly. Our teams required very little training to get started right away,” said Marco at Argos Assistance.

“We like that everything is there in one simple interface – softphone, reporting, analytics. It has really been a help to our team,” reports customer Suzanne at Island Outpost.

“The Genius team has been super helpful as we launched the new platform – we are excited to have this new tool for our team,” comments customer Catalina at Mexico Family Fun.

AVOXI announced a global expansion project earlier this year, bringing their total virtual number coverage to 160 countries. This coverage supports new business numbers that are fully integrated with the AVOXI Genius contact centre software, allowing teams to instantly buy another phone number in the system.

About AVOXI:

Serving more than 3,000 global contact centres, AVOXI is the leading provider of cloud communications services and virtual numbers that allow companies of all sizes and in a range of vertical industries to enhance the experience they provide to their customers. For more information on AVOXI Genius, visit https://www.avoxi.com/cloud-contact-center-software/.